Puerto Rico

11 May 2007

I did it!!!

My holiday in Puerto Rico is now over…and it was great, really great

If you mix the US “food” culture, caraibean architecture and weather, and all the mess associated with Southern places, you’ll get an idea of what Puerto Rico looks and sounds like.

people there ar every friendly and 90% of tourists are from the US. Imagine the people’s surprise when I told them I was French. This sounded exotic to them!

I actually met more people from the Dominican Republic and South American countries than actual Puerto Ricans, but it didnt matter to me. At least they were all Spanish speakers which enabled me to speak Spanish (alright, it was rather limited, but still!)

I went to the rain forest “El Junque”, to the botanic park and visited the capital, San Juan and its woderful old part called “Vieijo San Juan”. Of course, I also went to beaches that looked like the ones you see on postcards and I went out quite a lot too! They have a local beer there called “Medalla” which was actually good and could get me drung alright


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